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Oliver Williams

Oliver Williams

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Check out the best online sports betting and gambling reports: It’s Oliver Williams, ladies and gentlemen!

Tired of your everyday routine?

Welcome to my world! I am Oliver Williams, and I’ll be your guide in the universe of online casino games and betting on sports. I write my blog dedicated to online casinos and sports betting, and you’re invited to join me on this exciting journey.

I adore winter sports, especially hockey, which is no surprise because I am a Canadian born and raised in Montreal. So this is all about the Habs, that’s how we call our hometeam, Montreal Canadiens, the most awarded NHL team, ever played!

As a kid, I remember going to the Forum Arena with my dad to watch Guy Lafleur, Serge Savard, Larry Robinson, and other Stanley Cup winners doing magic on the ice. Years later, it was hockey that brought me to the world of online sports betting.

Again, after years of placing bets, I switched to playing blackjack in casinos with my dad after he retired. We now have an annual tradition of going to Vegas and trying our luck at casinos, major and minor.

Remembering my childhood hockey nights with him, it was my turn to bring some joy into his life by travelling together to this crazy city. This is how I have become an offline, then online blackjack expert. Later, I started playing other online card games, such as poker and baccarat.

Finally, I decided to share my experience in sports betting and casino games with devoted and new players. Quite a while ago, I launched my online betting and gambling project because I felt people should know more about it.

Yes, it is entertaining to play, but also must be approached with responsibility. I keep pointing it out to my online readers in Canada and worldwide.

We all gamble and bet because we enjoy the sunny side of it. So, the ultimate purpose is having fun while playing at an online casino or a bookie. My online journalistic career is all about bringing joy and clarification to my fellow Canucs when they think of playing slots and table games or placing a bet or two on sports.

I regularly test numerous online gambling and betting venues to detect and uncover scam brands, rank casinos properly, evaluate their promotional offers, check out their payment methods, and, of course, teach my audience how to enjoy playing to the fullest.

Anyway, I recommend visiting my website if you want to:

  • Recognize legal and safe casinos from, let’s say, not-so-reliable ones.
  • Read reports about new title releases, find out about gameplay plus various in-game features, and must-know slot characteristics such as RTP and volatility.
  • Learn more about online sports betting, sports markets, odds, and types of bets.
  • Share your opinions with other players and bettors by posting your comments.

I will gladly share my player’s expertise to introduce you to ways to enjoy gambling and sports betting!

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