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By continuing to use the website, you accept having cookies on your computer to monitor how people interact with it. If you do not want cookies stored on your computer, you should not use this website.

What Exactly are Cookies?

Cookies are little text files that a website may send to your computer and keep there. With each HTTP request, the web client (often a web browser) sends the aforementioned data to the target website. Data is stored in it on the user’s website.

Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera all use a feature called “cookies,” which allows the websites you visit to store little text files on your computer. Websites may then tailor their experience to you based on things like your past selections and other information you’ve provided. A logged-in user’s actions may also be saved, saving you the hassle of re-entering your credentials every time.

How We Use Cookies

Deleting Cookies

You may instruct your browser to ignore cookie deliveries, refuse to accept cookies from specific sites, or display a warning whenever cookies are delivered. You can delete anything stored on your computer’s hard drive whenever you choose. Disabling cookies (even necessary ones) may prevent you from using certain website features or prevent some pages from displaying correctly.